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About Us

D&V Global delivers solutions that help drive transformation, improve productivity and streamline business operations. Our practical, innovative solutions are linked to measurable goals to help our clients.

D&V Global Private limited was founded with a vision to create Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence basedsolutions with futuristic features and high reliability for Indian and Global enterprise and consumer.

D&V Global is also specializing in technology solutions, deployment and management of global enterprise solutions for large corporations across industry verticals on a global delivery platform.


Who We Are

D&V Global is a Vision-AI company that provides an enterprise ready AI-OS and core Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) applications like Facial Recognition, Visual Industrial Work-Flow Automation, Retail Analytics, Object detection, Pose estimation, Process automation, Safe Banking, Security and Surveillance solutions to name a few.

Our Mission

We are committed to provide high-quality technological solutions and value-based IT-program management for enterprise-wide systems. We have the flexibility to accommodate the changing demands of our clients. We gain competitive edge by leveraging the right mix of technology, people, and processes to achieve strategic objectives.

Our Vision

We believe it as an expression of our creative, innovative and ground-breaking ideas & experiences. Our team of domain experts ensures that IT initiatives are tied to business imperatives through quantifiable metrics.