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AI & ML Solutions for Industry Transformation

Providing AI & ML Solutions for
Industry Transformation

D&V Global through AI & ML-driven applications and integration services help our client’s businesses to add intelligence to their environment. Hire AI-ML expert engineers from D&V Global a strong AI application development company that has mastered AI and ML tools and technologies. We include AI elements into existing business processes to enhance productivity.

we augment productivity by harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning through various solutions and across diverse industries. Efficient AI and ML applications result in significant business savings in the long run. Get in touch with us today to find out how your business can benefit from the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

D&V Global Vision & Detection

D&V Global Vision & Detection

  • D&V Global Facial Vision & Thermal Scanning

    Our Intelligent Facial Vision technology embedded with deep learning algorithms which are extremely accurate and more than sufficient to recognize the group of people. Our Facial Recognition Solution is also incorporate with Computer Vision algorithms that can be continuously trained and improved with new data frame sets to identify persons more accurately. The ability of identifying is not only the essential element of security, but also operational efficiency and business insights. Relying on our strong innovative technologies we have invented the best Live Vision based security solutions across a wide range of industries.

    D&V Global Vision’s temperature screening solutions are designed for the detection of Human-body temperatures so as to achieve rapid preliminary screening in public areas. Actual core body temperatures should be further confirmed using clinical measurement devices. This automated preliminary screening will help the organizations across the world.

  • D&V Global Detection of Education

    D&V Global Detection for Education sector is built with a purpose to offer cutting-edge flow analysis to Educational Institutes, including Schools, Colleges, Universities and any Training Centers where number of students would be attending. These intelligent analyses can be used to:

  • AA (Automated Attendance)

    D&V Global developed a less intrusive, cost effective and more efficient automated attendance management system using face recognition that leverages either on-prem or cloud computing infrastructure. This AA takes attendance by using CC/IP camera mounted in front of an Entrance/ Classroom, to acquire attendacne of the entire Organization/University/Collegage/etc. It automatically takes the fattendance compares it with the enrolled faces in the database. On identification of a registered face on the acquired image collections, the attendance register is marked as present otherwise absent. Our

Customer Service

  • Website Bots

    D&V Global Web Bot is specially designed for Web Applications. Be it on web or mobile browsers and applications or ATM Machine and Branch Kiosk, Human Avatars can be easily deployed to create an engaging experience for your customers

  • Mobile App BOT

    D&V Global Mobile Bots keep the prospects interested in our services and nurture them into high-quality leads. Our Intelligent Bot can easily detect the context of each conversation and accurately respond with the help of our best NLU processing engine.

  • Whatsapp BOT

    Our WhatApp Bot offers faster and smarter service to the requested customers. Also it Reduces the response time to 1 second that give instant response to the communicating customers.

  • Kiosk Avatar

    D&V Global Kiosk helps customers find what they’re looking for with integrated digital Assistant in their branch and store kiosks. The AI-powered Avatar interacts with customers through voice, touch and gesture, helping users through their decision-making journey by explaining product features, resolving queries and recommending relevant offers.

  • Social Engagement

    D&V Global Social bots are automated programs used to engage in social media. These bots behave in a fully autonomous fashion, and are often designed to mimic human users. Our Social media bots are designed with algorithms, pieces of software that use artificial intelligence to automate tasks and carry conversations with humans, with the purpose of assisting them. They can help in building stronger relationships with customers by delivering targeted content and anticipating user reactions.

Customer Service